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Eyelid Surgery Story - submitted by dramire2

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Share your story about why you considered and ultimately had cosmetic surgery.

I was not content with my tired appearance, given that I'm only 21 years old. The procedure wasn't completely necessary, but the timing was right as I will be graduating from college soon and moving away to Connecticut. All this considered, I decided to carry out the procedure.

How did your friends and family feel about your decision to have a procedure?

They were supportive. My mom had reservations about it but ultimately came around. I still haven't told my father, and I don't think I plan to. I believe I will heal very well.

How did 1800MySurgeon help you through the process of finding a qualified plastic surgeon?

Contacted 1800mySurgeon prior to consultation to find reputable and board-certified cosmetic surgeons in Chicago. 1800mySurgeon found 2 surgeons in my area that I liked. I went to see Dr. Placik and had no doubt I wanted him to handle my procedure.

Can you describe your surgery and recovery?

I just had the surgery yesterday March 23. It took about 1.5 hours long and I was up and running the same day. I have very little swelling. I had a post-op appointment today to make sure everything is ok. I was told swelling should disappear within 3 weeks. I am extremely pleased already.

What advice would you give to another person considering your same procedure?

I would say that they should do a ton of research before picking their surgeon as well as research the options they have for whatever concerns they may have. They should also have a well-prepared list of questions to ask their plastic surgeon during the consultation.

How do you feel about your result?

I am very happy with my results, although it is still very early to tell as it has only been one day since the procedure. I will find out what the end results look like shortly.

find out more about this procedure: eyelid surgery