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Eyelid Surgery Story - submitted by C.M.

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Share your story about why you considered and ultimately had cosmetic surgery.

At the age of 67, I was feeling great and physically active, but my face showed that saggy, tired look. Coming from a family heritage of "wrinkles", I felt I needed to do something to make me look like I felt. I had recently moved to the D.C. area and had no idea of any plastic surgeons in the area. I began looking online and contacted 1800mySurgeon to help me. 1800mySurgeon was very helpful and sent me a doctor's name and complete information about him. I made an appointment and thought I was seeing this doctor. As I was leaving, the receptionist gave me more information and the doctor's card. I realized that I had seen Dr. Singh, whom I liked after the first interview. She said that she had given me Dr. Singh because his specialty was facial plastic surgery and the other doctor specialized in body contouring. I paid for a complete search for Dr. Singh and found him to be double certified, Assistant Professor at John Hopkins, lots of publications, etc. On August 4, Dr. Singh operated on me - a face lift and eyelid surgery. I live almost 2 hours away and he suggested I stay at a nearby hotel and if I needed someone to stay with me, they could arrange that. I stayed at a Mariott about a mile up the street and had a friend take care of me. The Surgery Center was very professional, friendly and efficient. I returned to the doctor's office the next afternoon and went home the next day. I had no problems, almost no bruising, normal swelling. He stapled the hair line areas and said that he used a lot more dissolving stitches inside since I was so far from his office. I was more scared of having the staples out than the surgery - but was really surprised that I did not even feel them being taken out. I am very pleased with the entire procedure. Dr. Singh was very helpful, professional, friendly, and took his time with me. I return in 6 weeks for a checkup.

How did your friends and family feel about your decision to have a procedure?

Well, I think that with any surgery of this kind, some people think you are nuts to through it and others say, "I was thinking of doing that (or some other procedure), too." My sister just looked and me and said "OK". My son said "good for you. I have my Dad's eyes and know I am going to have to do something in about 4-5 years." I really did this for me and how I feel about myself, not so much for what others think.

How did 1800MySurgeon help you through the process of finding a qualified plastic surgeon?

As I said above, 1800mMySurgeon was very helpful. They contacted me immediately after I left my information online. At first I was going to just do the eyes and told them this was my interest. Within 24 hours I had received information on the Ivy Plastic Surgery Associates, along with a letter to take to the first visit, which was free. I was on vacation after that, but know that 1800mySurgeon followed up with me several times, and after surgery.

Can you describe your surgery and recovery?

I had lower and upper eyelid surgery to get rid of the bags and extra skin above the eyes. I had a face lift at the same time, because the doctor said that if he did the face lift later, the eye surgery would not look quite as good after the second surgery. I decided to get both over at the same time. He also took out fat at the chin line (chipmunk cheeks, I called it), so I have a small incision under the chin. Even though it is still swollen, I now have a nice clean jaw line!! And no bags under my eyes!!

What advice would you give to another person considering your same procedure?

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to look as good as they feel, and feel better about themselves. I didn't want to look 25 again, just did not want to look older than I feel. And there is nothing wrong with getting a few looks that say "nice looking lady", either!

How do you feel about your result?

Since I was just operated on a week ago and got my stitches and staples out today, it is a little hard to tell. The doctor was very pleased with the results. Prior to the surgery, I had taken pictures of me at various stages of my life to give him some background basis. Even with the swelling, I feel confident that I will be very pleased in another week or two. It gets better each day!

find out more about this procedure: eyelid surgery