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Liposuction / Liposculpture Story - submitted by Susan M.

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Share your story about why you considered and ultimately had cosmetic surgery.

At the age of 59, I was unhappy about the wrinkles on my neck and at the corners of my eyes, as well as the black circles under my eyes and the deep grooves from my nose down to the corners of my mouth. I had been thinking about having something done to make me look younger for several years. I had seen advertisements for Lifestyle Lift and thought it looked interesting. Because I was given some money, I decided to look into having the Lifestyle Lift procedure. I called and made an appointment. Then when I looked on the internet and read about all the bad problems that many people had written about, I cancelled the appointment and decided to look for a plastic surgeon. I made appointments with several doctors, but after speaking with Michelle at Dr. Munna's office, I decided to cancel all except the appointment with Dr. Munna. When I met with Michelle and with Dr. Munna, I was very impressed and decided to book my procedures with Dr. Munna. I asked to talk to a patient who had surgery with Dr. Munna previously, and I met with a woman who lives in my area. She loves Dr. Munna and still sees him for follow-up procedures . I scheduled the tummy tuck and thigh liposculpture for June 3rd (my 60th birthday) and all the face/neck procedures for June 5th.

How did your friends and family feel about your decision to have a procedure?

When I told my husband that I wanted a facelift, he thought I would want a tummy tuck too, since I was always complaining about how my stomach stuck out. Great idea! When I told my 31 year-old son, he told me I was already beautiful and didn't need to have anything done.

How did 1800MySurgeon help you through the process of finding a qualified plastic surgeon?

The patient coordinator at 1800mySurgeon asked what procedures I was considering and where I lived. She called me back with Dr. Munna's name and phone number. I received a call from Michelle at Dr. Munna's office right afterwards. She has called several times to see how the process was going.

Can you describe your surgery and recovery?

I had the tummy tuck and liposculpture on Tuesday, June 3rd. I ended up with a large red area on my left thigh. The doctors said they had never seen this complication. My husband looked on the Internet and thought (from what he read) that it was a friction burn. I had the face/neck procedures on Thursday, June 5th. They had some trouble with my blood pressure during the procedure, and my eyes ended up with large reddish-purple circles around them. I was scheduled to stay at the doctor's surgery center from Tuesday until Saturday afternoon. On Friday night at about 10:30PM, I started feeling short of breath. The nurses put oxygen on me and called the doctor. Dr. Munna was unavailable at that time, so Dr. Rusca came to see me. After Dr. Munna arrived, they decided to transfer me by ambulance to St. Joseph's Hospital ER to get a CAT scan to rule out a pulmonary embolism. Dr. Munna met me at the ER and went with me to radiology for the CAT scan. He wanted to make sure that they realized that I was unable to extend my legs (due to the tummy tuck). The CAT scan was negative, but the ER doctor stated that I had atelectasis--probably a complication from not taking deep enough breaths after the abdominal surgery. I was referred to a pulmonologist and was admitted to the hospital under her service. Dr. Munna stayed at the hospital until about 3am. I arrived at my room about 4:30am, and Dr. Munna was back about 8:30 to meet the pulmonologist. She didn't arrive until 3pm and she discharged me home. Luckily, my mother had a piece of equipment that helped me to expand my lungs. Dr. Munna had suggested that I get one, but the medical supply stores were not open on Sunday. I am putting Nitrobid ointment on my left thigh twice a day (followed by 20 minute soaks in the tub), and the red area is VERY slowly healing. I didn't wear the pressure garment for several weeks because of the problem with the thigh, but I have been wearing it for the last week.

What advice would you give to another person considering your same procedure?

I would suggest that two such large procedures should not be scheduled so close together. If I had the tummy tuck several months ahead, I probably would have been more focused on taking the deep breaths and would not have ended up in the ER with a hospital admission.

How do you feel about your result?

I am still healing, and changes are still taking place. My face looks much younger, and my stomach is much flatter. My thighs are thinner, and I have lost about 13 pounds. I am quite happy about the results so far and would have been thrilled except for the thigh problem.

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