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Liposuction / Liposculpture Story - submitted by Vickie D.

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Share your story about why you considered and ultimately had cosmetic surgery.

Since the birth and breast feeding of my two daughters over 30 years ago, I was never really able to obtain a flat tummy. Even though I had exercised, I still had the blob of "baby belly" in my lower abdomen. I also had large, pendulous breasts. I wore a DDD, which was too large for my frame. I always felt that my breasts were the first thing to enter a room and I hated looking at photos of myself, unless I could stand behind someone else. As I aged, my breasts sagged and I eventually encountered problems with my neck and shoulders. After spending years with an excellent chiropractor in physical therapy, I asked if breast reduction surgery might relieve the chronic pain in my neck and shoulders. My online research brought me to the information on the laser breast lift. I had seen it on our local television station in a special report on women's health. The local doctor I chose, Dr. Robert Heck, was one of only a few physicians trained in the laser breast lift procedure.

How did your friends and family feel about your decision to have a procedure?

My husband, mother and sister were completely supportive of my decision. In fact, they were very excited for me. My mom and sister live about 100 miles away, but they made the trip to see me and my mother stayed with me for the next week to assist me as I recovered. They were amazed at how quickly I healed and how little pain I experienced.

How did 1800MySurgeon help you through the process of finding a qualified plastic surgeon?

I researched a number of websites to find information on the procedure I was looking for. Then I researched the Plastic Surgeon I had found through the services of 1800mySurgeon. I reviewed the medical history 1800mySurgeon provided me with, which encouraged me and relieved me. I was able to find his school and practice information in one, easy site at 1800mySurgeon. I also called 1800mySurgeon to find out if there had been any negative reports or legal actions brought against my plastic surgeon of choice. I was informed about my doctor right away and was delighted to find out that Dr. Heck was highly recommeded and had no negative history.

Can you describe your surgery and recovery?

The dual surgery passed rather quickly and I had no complications. Other than slight nausea immediately upon walking, I felt quite good. In fact, I experienced very little pain upon my return home and over the next 3 days, I maintained the exact medication regimen prescribed by my physician. I was excited to find that my pain and slight discomfort was very manageable and I stopped taking the pain medications after the fourth day.

What advice would you give to another person considering your same procedure?

I advise anyone to do your homework. My contact with 1800mySurgeon and others gave me a lot of confidence in my Board Certified Plastic Surgeon because I did the research to find a qualified plastic surgeon. I visited the surgical center where my procedure would take place. I also requested and contacted several other clients from my surgeon, who had undergone the same procedure. It was very helpful to have "experienced patients" share their stories and suggestions for before the surgery and during my recovery. I found their encouragement and suggestions very helpful.

How do you feel about your result?

I am thrilled with my results! I haven't felt so good in years and I am much more motivated to exercise and work out - since I don't have so much extra bounce from having oversized breasts. My clothes fit and feel so much better and I can't wait to go shopping and get some new spring and summer clothes. Although I must say - the biggest boost for me has been in my confidence. I have felt so self-conscious for so long about my large breasts and hated pictures of myself. Now I am so happy with the size of my breasts and much more comfortable around friends and clients.

find out about the surgeon who performed the surgery
find out more about this procedure: tummy tuck