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Breast Lift Story - submitted by Sara M.

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Share your story about why you considered and ultimately had cosmetic surgery.

During my teenage years, I put on a lot of weight while working at fast food restaurants in high school. My breasts grew to a size 34DD during this time, which was very large for my small frame. A couple years after graduation, I began a diet and exercise program and ultimately lost 40 pounds! My body looked great and I was very pleased with my new shape. I loved every part of my new body except for my breasts. Their heaviness and my rapid weightloss caused them to sag a great deal and no amount of exercise would lift them. After the weight loss, my size decreased a great deal to a C cup and while I was happy about the new size the downfall was the saggy appearance. I finally decided to look into getting a breast lift to solve the problem.

How did your friends and family feel about your decision to have a procedure?

At first my husband was a little nervous about me going in for surgery, but he was very supportive and promised to help me on the rough road to recovery. My friends and cousins all told me it wouldn't be worth it to have the surgery because it would leave scars and something could go wrong. After hearing all this, I even began to doubt my decision and became very nervous. I wasn't sure if it was worth it or not to get the procedure done.

How did 1800MySurgeon help you through the process of finding a qualified plastic surgeon?

1800mySurgeon was very helpful. I submitted my information on their website to receive a referrence for a plastic surgeon in my area, and I was immediately contacted within minutes! 1800mySurgeon referred me to Dr. Harrell and they even e-mailed me a list of all of his qualifications and memberships so I could be sure that I was going to see a qualified Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. After this initial call, 1800mySurgeon even followed up with me afterwards to see if I was able to schedule a consultation with this doctor.

Can you describe your surgery and recovery?

After my consultation with Dr. Harrell, I decided to go through with the breast lift and scheduled my surgery within two weeks. The doctor and his staff made me feel very comfortable and answered all of my questions and concerns about the operation. I was so nervous, but they made me feel at ease and my doubts and fears disappeared. On the scheduled day they made me feel comfortable both before and after the surgery, which was very quick and caused me very little pain and discomfort afterwards. They took care of me as I woke up in the recovery room and made me feel very relaxed. It was only about an hour-long surgery and I went home that same afternoon. The next morning, I was up and walking around with almost no discomfort! I barely even needed my prescription pain medicine. I have been in for two post-operation check-ups so far and both times the doctor and nurses have noted how remarkably well my recovery is going! It hasn't even been a week since my surgery and I am feeling better already, and have even been able to drive myself around and do light housework.

What advice would you give to another person considering your same procedure?

Do it! I was doubting going through with my breast lift and now I know I would have regretted the decision not to. I am so glad I did. If you think you are nervous, I can assure you I was even worse. I was crying because of all of the doubts people were trying to fill my head with, but I am so glad I didn't listen to them. Dr. Harrell is a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon and I knew that nothing was going to go wrong. If you follow instructions, take care of your body and dedicate yourself to healing you will be fine. It will be one of the best things you will ever do for yourself. I am young and I used to always be sad when I saw other girls wearing all the cutest summer fashions that I could never wear because my breasts were either too large or too saggy. And even though my husband is very loving and supportive, I even felt embarrassed to be topless in front of him. Now I feel more confident and beautiful than ever! I can finally wear tube and halter tops and feel like I look great in them! I am so excited to see the end result after I am completely healed.

How do you feel about your result?

It is still very soon to see the end result, but by the way things are looking, I know my breasts are going to look great! Before I could never find cute, sexy bras in my size but now I can. I can finally buy lacy, delicate bras rather than the old ones I used to need made to support my large, sagging breasts. I tried using push-up bras to make them look lifted, but it only made them look bigger! Right now I am bruised and swollen and looking a little rough but I know that will go away over time. Bruises and scars can heal up and look better, but sagging breast unfortunately will not. I tried exercises to lift them but nothing worked. Now I have the perky, lifted look I always wanted, and even when I take my bra off they stay in place instead of drooping down. I look curvier and more youthful. My breasts looked much older than they really are. Even in my youth my breasts were never firm or lifted, but now I have the look I always wanted. I would recommend this procedure to any woman!

find out about the surgeon who performed the surgery
find out more about this procedure: breast lift