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Liposuction / Liposculpture Story - submitted by IZ

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Share your story about why you considered and ultimately had cosmetic surgery.

I was not happy with my body appearance after my second child was born, and I decided to consult a plastic surgeon and get specific answers to my questions. When I went to speak to Dr. Adam Tattelbaum, he asked me if I wanted to see and speak to a patient who had breast augmentation that had the surgery about two weeks before, I spoke to the lady, and she showed me how her breast looked after two weeks. The doctor explain to my what happened at that stage after the surgery, and it helped me visualize what at least part of the surgery looked like in real life. I had seen pictures online, but to be able to speak and see a patient after her surgery was crucial to me.

How did your friends and family feel about your decision to have a procedure?

My husband was the only family member that knew about my surgery, and he was supportive of my decision. For the most part my family members and friends didn't even notice a huge change. After a few months, they just commented and asked me how I got back in shaper after my second pregnancy.

How did 1800MySurgeon help you through the process of finding a qualified plastic surgeon?

I was not sure about which surgeon to contact for a consultation, and I came across 1800MySurgeon. A few hours later, a friendly and professional lady, called me from 1800MySurgeon and asked me specific questions based on the questioner I filled on line.

Can you describe your surgery and recovery?

I had a mommy-make-over which included breast lift and augmentation, tummy tuck, and inner thigh liposuction. The surgery lasted about three hours. I went home and recovered at home. I was given specific instructions on medications, surgery recovery, and contact information in case of any emergencies.

What advice would you give to another person considering your same procedure?

I would tell them to ask questions about the procedure and to speak if possible to a person who had similar surgeries to know what to expect from the patient's point of view.

How do you feel about your result?

I feel wonderful about the surgery. This was the best decision I ever made in terms of my body image. The surgeon, made a big difference. I trust and respect Dr. Adam Tattelbaum's work and knowledge.

find out about the surgeon who performed the surgery
find out more about this procedure: tummy tuck