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July 2009 Newsletter


Table of Contents

What is Micro Liposuction?
Breast Augmentation - Without Scars!
Cosmetic Surgery in Your 40s
7 Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery

What is Micro Liposuction?

What is Micro Liposuction?  

Those who plan on having liposuction typically look for the right technique that produces the right results, with a low chance of side effects and minimum scarring. One such technique is Tumescent Liposuction, otherwise known as Micro Liposuction. Micro Liposuction refers to the removal of small areas of fat, by using tiny cannulas and small incisions.

Micro Liposuction results in very little discomfort since the incisions are significantly smaller than other liposuction methods. In cases where the cannula is less than 2mm in diameter, the tiniest of cuts are required to insert the cannula and remove fat. This considerably reduces recovery time and allows patients to leave home for surgery within hours. Patients can travel the next day and return to normal activities within a few days. Read Full Blog Entry

Breast Augmentation - Without Scars!

Breast Augmentation - Without Scars!  

Scarless breast augmentation has been a wish for many women who have considered increasing the size of their breasts. With Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA), that wish is now a reality. With this breast augmentation technique, you can now achieve the size and shape you want, without the scars.

While traditional breast augmentation surgery requires making incisions at the nipple or crease of the breast, the TUBA method doesn't. Instead, a small incision is made through the belly button, where an instrument is inserted that travels to the breast tissue. Using a tissue expander, a pocket is created for an empty saline implant. Depending on the desired breast size, the implants are filled with a sterile saline. Read Full Article

Cosmetic Surgery in Your 40s

Cosmetic Surgery in Your 40s  

As the years go by, people are retiring later, living longer and being more productive than ever before. Youth is all around us, which is why the slightest sign of aging often upsets us. There are ways to fix what nature causes - all with the help of cosmetic surgery.

When you're in your 40s, you might prefer making subtle changes to your appearance, just to reduce the effects of aging and bring about a youthful look. There are procedures that can battle loss of elasticity, sagging and wrinkling, loss of muscle tone and skin damage. Read Full Article

7 Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery

7 Benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery  

Diet programs and exercise routines are often not enough to fight obesity. As obesity continues to be a national health problem in the Unites States, gastric bypass surgery remains one of the most frequently performed weight loss operations, with approximately 140,000 surgeries performed each year.

Like all surgical procedures, gastric bypass surgery comes with risks, but it also has its advantages. Your weight loss surgeon can discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure in more detail, so you understand the procedure and make sure you make a good candidate. If you are considering gastric bypass surgery, here are 7 key benefits. Read Full Article

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