Patient Testimonials

Maintaining customer satisfaction is an essential part of 1800mySurgeon�s outstanding service. Here are just a few testimonials from satisfied customers who have used our service.

"1800mySurgeon contacted me right away and told me all about a great doctor. I went in a couple of days later to see him and I was treated with utmost respect. When I left the office that day, I had my surgery set for the following month."


"The phone calls I received and conversations with the staff of 1800mySurgeon were very helpful. They asked how close to home I preferred the doctor to be and gave me access to his biography and training information, which was impressive."


"1800mySurgeon was a big help for me. When I was going through my own search, it was very hard for me to select a doctor just to go for a consultation. When I spoke to a staff member from 1800mySurgeon, I was able to make the decision and had my appointment with a few surgeons. Without 1800mySurgeon, I would have spent unnecessary time and consultation fees before I could find the final surgeon to do the work for me. 1800mySurgeon helped me make the right decision and I sincerely thank them from the bottom of my heart."


"1800mySurgeon was very helpful and excited for me! They called all the time to make sure I was heading in the right direction and that they were helping me out in anyway possible! 1800mySurgeon did a great job and gave me wonderful support! I would go through 1800mySurgeon again and refer them to anyone who was looking for a surgeon!"


"1800mySurgeon gave me personalized service, access to important information about the procedures and the doctors. 1800mySurgeon helped me by providing information on how to evaluate plastic surgeons and risks associated with each of the procedures. 1800mySurgeon only supplies highly regarded Board Certified Plastic Surgeons."


"I was clueless and I had no idea where to start. 1800mySurgeon helped me pin-point the best doctor who was certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in my area. They even paid for the consultation! I highly recommend 1800mySurgeon to help in your search."

-Heather H.

"1800mySurgeon located the perfect doctor for me close to home. I was able to get the information on my plastic surgeon�s license and experience. 1800mySurgeon also provided me with many references that let me know how happy they were with him as a plastic surgeon and the results they had. It put my mind at ease so I could go forward with the liposuction without distress or worry."

-Joan F.

"I first discovered 1800MySurgeon on the internet when I was considering another surgeon. I was so grateful that I found them because the surgeon I was originally considering was not registered with the ASPS. 1800mySurgeon recommended a great doctor and I am so pleased that they did. If I hadn't checked with this service and just gone with the original surgeon, who knows what would have happened! Thank you."

-Sue P.

"1800mySurgeon was extremely professional and courteous. I appreciate a service that does a lot of the leg work and prescreening for you since I am not interested in a "quack" so to speak. I can be assured that I will be working with a top notch professional."


1800mySurgeon can help you receive prescreened and pre-qualified patients and increase your conversion rates. Contact us for membership information today.