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5 Procedures that Erase 15 Years

Aging is an inevitable process. Aging gracefully, however, is a personal choice you need to make. The way to younger looking skin is good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, keeping your skin hydrated and finding a board-certified plastic surgeon you can trust.

The sooner you begin to protect your skin, the longer your skin will look young and radiant. When surgery becomes necessary, advances in facial surgery offer many options, so that you can look refreshed, vibrant and naturally young. The following 5 facial plastic surgery procedures can erase the years from your face and offer you long term results.

Face Lift

The three main contributors to wrinkled skin are loss of tissue volume under the skin, loss of elasticity of the skin and persistent facial muscle movement. A face lift addresses the loss of elasticity by removing the portions of skin that causes the skin to stretch out.

This is an effective way to smooth out your wrinkles and get rid of sagging jowls. By tightening your facial skin and targeting the cheeks, jowls and neck, face lift can take years off your appearance.

Mini Face Lift

The results of this procedure are more subtle than a traditional face lift. Younger patients in their in their 40s to 50s have mini face lift to stop the signs of aging before they become noticeable.

Mini face lifts are known as “weekend face lifts” because it is a quick procedure with a quick recovery time. It tightens the skin around the cheeks and reduces the deep lines between the nose and the lips.

Brow Lift/Forehead Lift

The forehead is the largest feature of the face which significantly affects one’s appearance. A drooping brow or furrows can make you look tired and older than you really are.

A forehead (or brow) lift can give you a fresher appearance while adding definition to your eyebrows and reducing wrinkles. It surgically removes excess skin and tissue along the forehead and tightens muscles that cause deep lines and furrows or drooping brows leaving a smooth, youthful, gentler looking brow.

Eyelid Surgery

Our eyes are the most interesting, the most noticed and the most expressive facial feature we have. Our eyes reveal how we feel and even show how young and healthy we are. Heavy eyelids can make us look tired, and can make it difficult to read or work at a computer.

Eyelid surgery can enhance the beauty of your eyes by surgically removing excess skin and fat tissue from the upper and/or lower eyelids. This gives your eyes a wider, fresher, rested and youthful appearance.

Facial Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is chosen by individuals who wish to rejuvenate their look. Fat grafting is also known as fat transfer, fat lifting, liposculpture or Space Lift®. It is performed to enhance the cheeks, lips and anywhere else desired.

Fat grafting works by removing or treating excess fat from stubborn fat pockets and gently re-implanting it to the desired area. Popular areas for fat grafting procedures are “hollow” eyes or dark circles, temple areas, chin, lips, jaw lines, forehead, facial scars, upper lip, nose and anywhere else fat is needed for enhancement.

If your goal is to look younger, speak to a board-certified plastic surgeon about your procedure. Let the plastic surgeon give you expert advice and recommendations about which facial procedure is right for you.

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